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Since its establishment in 1988, BIOFILM has looked internationally to build its business. Today with on-going sales in 19 countries in North, Central and South America as well as several in countries Europe, it can truly be said that BIOFILM has become a major player in the international BOPP marketplace. BIOFILM's first production facility its located in Cartagena, Colombia. Where today there are three modern production lines.

In 2004 BIOFILM opened its second manufacturing facility in Altamira, México with a 55 million lb/yr (25.000 Ton/yr) capacity line. This line was designed with a unique multi-layer coextrusion capability that will further allow the company to introduce new films with unique performance characteristics. In 2008 Biofilm added to its Mexican facility an additional 66 million lb/yr (30.000 Ton/yr) to reach 210 million lb/yr total.

BIOFILM products are grouped into six main families: Clear High Barrier, Coextruded, Metallized, White Opaque, Labels and Plain (non-heat sealable).

Innovation at Biofilm is based on technologic platforms that include clear barrier, enhanced sealing technologies, ultra high barrier and metallized films, among others.

This last product family, metallized films, illustrate Biofilm´s commitment to innovation and value-added product development. With eight state-of-the-art metallizing chambers and a total in-house capacity of 50 million lb/yr (20.000 Ton/yr), BIOFILM is the largest supplier of metallized BOPP films in Latin America and one of the largest suppliers of packaging grade BOPP films in the whole continent.

Since its foundation in 1988, BIOFILM has sought to expand and develop its business in the industry, by offering the highest quality service and meeting the competitive demand of the market.
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